Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tumor board Results

The Tumor board met Thursday morning, my appointment to meet with Dr. Yamada was at about 1:00pm. Dad and I decided to take the uptown open air bus tour that morning to use some time up before the appointment. Luckily most of the buses have their winter "covers" on, basically just an aluminum frame with plexi-glass over it, because it started raining pretty good. The tour went well, we passed through the upper west side and Grants Tomb, then through Harlem and over to the east side of Central Park. That is where we got off the bus to walk the few blocks further east to the Hospital. Well a few blocks turned into quite a few blocks, the rain was coming down hard now. With hoods on, hands in pockets, and shoulders shrugged in trying to keep the wind out of our collars we kept up a brisk pace trying to make it there in good time. We actually made it there by about 1:15pm. That didn't seem to make a difference because as usual we ended up waiting for about an hour plus.

Josh popped in the door and with a very bright attitude he proceeded to confirm to us that the entire tumor board agreed with the conclusion they had reached the other day. We would be doing JUST radiation no Surgery. We would be doing a high dose low frequency treatment. My previous treatment was a low dose high frequency treatment. I had done 30 treatments of radiation. This time we would be doing 5 treatments of a high dose, a good blasting! This meant that instead of a months worth of treatments like we had initially anticipated, we would be doing just ONE WEEK!!! I cannot believe the blessings that we have been given. I have seen miracles unfold here in New York. We went from having no hope to being given a new hope for a long future and a better appreciation for life.

I am scheduled to go back to New York for treatments starting on the 12th of March. After my treatments I will go back for a follow up visit about 6-8 weeks later. I don't think this could have gone any better, an I honestly couldn't ask for more. I have noticed our Heavenly Father's hand in everything that has gone on here.

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