Saturday, February 18, 2012

Myelogram and simulation for Radiation

We were informed that the insurance had accepted the request for approval on the Myelogram (click link). We were to come in Friday morning to have the procedure done and then following that we were to go into simulation, or preparation/setup for the upcoming treatments. This included being lined up for another CT scan and having a mask made that would cover my face and upper chest. This mask comes in after being warmed up in water making it soft and malleable. They then lay it over you and stretch it over your face and chest, locking it down to the table. It feels like you have had a warm wet towel over your face. It is perforated to allow it to mold without air pockets. Once it starts to cool down you can feel it restricting your movement. It hardens and becomes the brace that will immobilize you and position you exactly in the same place on the table every time you lay down there. Along with the mask they gave me another Tattoo dot on my chest for laser positioning reference. Everything is ready for me to return in a few weeks for treatment! Bring it on!!

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