Monday, February 13, 2012

New York

Well, I am writing from New York. I got on a plane this morning and we (Dad and I) flew from Salt Lake direct to JFK. The flight went well and we made it without losing anything, (we didn't check any bags on.) We had one heck of a taxi ride from the airport to Columbus Circle, which is near where Uncle Dave and his family lives. The Driver was either go or stop! I felt that the taxi ride was more rough than the flight was, and the pilot said we had 20 mph crosswinds on arrival. I am sure the driver had a foot on each pedal, sometimes using both at the same time. Well after getting out and being grateful to have solid ground under my feet we made it up to Uncle Dave's place. Their sweet family was expecting us and were so generous with putting us up for the week. We spent about 30 mins there before we left to go see my cousin Brandon's basketball game. Following the game Jen had such a great dinner prepared, Ribs, asparagus, green beans, foccacia bread, baby potatoes, tomatoes, and burratta mozzarella cheese! It was amazing! This followed by great conversation with Uncle Dave and Dad, wrapped up by a fantastic reading of "Green eggs and Ham" by my little cousin Lauren, made for a full day that will be one to remember.

This week has been one that I knew was coming up quickly. Now that it is here, it feels surreal. In the morning I will go and visit with Dr. Yamada, along with a few other doctors and surgeons. This is all to prepare the best base to work off of in coming up with a game plan for next month.

Leading up to this week I have been trying to get a hold of some extra pain. It was a pain that would radiate from my back and down my left arm. At first it was manageable, but after some time it got to the point where I had to do something about it. In speaking with my Medical Oncologist and the pain center at the Huntsman, they put me on some non-narcotic pain meds that are supposed to change the way my brain sees pain. Well, in weeks I was able to sleep all the way though the night. The only issue is that every 3 days I am to increase the doses to a point where I am pain free. Until now I have been taking them at night, I never noticed any side effects. Yesterday morning, was the first dose increase, well it didn't treat me very well. It made me really loopy and sick to my stomach. I was hoping that my body would get used to the dose before I got on the plane. Thankfully I was able to sleep some on the plane. The only side effect that I noticed was some light headed feelings. The pain is getting more manageable though. For that I am grateful.

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  1. Thank you for blogging your journey. You and your sweet family are in our prayers twice every day. I hope they come up with the winning game plan this week. Take care.