Sunday, March 11, 2012

The start of the big week

So tomorrow is the start of all of my treatments. Today I spent a lot of time after church, relaxing and getting my mind off of things. To be completely honest, I am not really worried about this right now. I am really at peace with what is going to happen. I have done a lot of praying in preparation for this week, and there have been so many prayers offered for me. I have an Army of support behind me, both here on earth and beyond. I feel so blessed to be going through this. I have learned so much, I have seen so much good in people, it has been fantastic. I hope one day to be able to return the favor.

I was able to video chat with Amy and the Boys this afternoon. It was hard for me because Ethan and Wade both asked me to come home, they told me they missed me. I still have a whole week to be away from them, I really do miss them so much already. I can only imagine how hard it will be for them when Amy leaves to come to New York. Mom and Dad Hirschi do such an amazing job with taking care of them, and we are so grateful to have grandparents so close. I think the one who will have the hardest time will be Amy once she comes out here.

I feel like this week has been a long time coming and I am glad it is finally here.

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