Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life and Thanksgiving.....

Well it sure has been a while since I last updated this blog. I guess I have been caught up in getting back to normal. I finished my radiation treatments and things have been going very well. I have been grateful for the opportunity to have been treated by the best methods available. I have enjoyed getting back to work and back to a normal routine. My strength is back up to par and I was even in shape enough to go out hunting this year. I didn't bring home anything but I had an incredible time being out in the mountains with awesome friends, who were good enough to show a rookie hunter the ropes. This was my first year out hunting big game, I drew out on the Utah Northern region Buck/Bull combo tag. It was such a great experience. It has been something I have been meaning to do for a few years but haven't been able to.

I have really gained a new perspective on life. Through all of this I seem to have been taught the importance of Family, Faith, and life. Each day is a gift. I guess there is nothing better to teach you how blessed you are than experiencing an illness that has taken countless lives. I consider myself blessed and fortunate to still be here. I have come so far from the first few days after my first surgery. Not being able to walk, balance, or even go to the bathroom for that matter. Now I can run, hike, work, stand on one foot and even go to the bathroom ;) I truly have seen the power of God in my life. I must still have something important to do in this life to still be here. I have learned but am still learning that time on the floor playing with my boys is some of the most precious time I have. Making memories is what it is all about. Losing yourself in the service of others is so rewarding, I almost feel selfish because of how I feel after lending a hand. I feel like I have so much more to learn and I know I fall short in so many ways. One thing I have learned is that we can't do anything without the help from God. He is in total control and we need to learn to trust in and follow His commandments, they are the true path to real happiness.

I am so grateful for all of my Family and Friends who uplift and enrich my life.

Thanks to all, and Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. What an amazing Thanksgiving for yourself and your cute family! I am so glad that things are going well for you. You are a great example of Christ-like service and love. Wishing you the best.