Saturday, May 15, 2010

The date has been set

We decided that we needed to get as much done around the house and yard before I would be down and out for 6-8 weeks. We headed to the hardware store and picked up a few odds and ends so we could plant our garden. With the little amount of space we have, we've been doing the square foot gardening thing in some boxes we put together a little while back. Made from just some weed barrier cloth tacked to the inside of 2x4 boxes placed on the patio, it makes it very easy to use. We have great drainage for the boxes because excess water just flows out through the cloth and we don't lose any soil. The only problem we were running into was that we thought the boxes could be just a little bit deeper. So we decided to have a family "fix the garden night". We used some more store bought soil and 2x4's added the extra row and filled them up. We had plenty of good help from the boys

As we were finishing up the phone rang and the RN for my Neurosurgeon was on the other end. She said that they had time to discuss my situation with other Doctors and surgeons and that they wanted me to come in on the 17th for some info about what will happen.

A day later we got another call from the RN. We were told that My surgeon had an emergency surgery scheduled on the 17th and that we would have to come it on the 24th. She told us that my surgery had been scheduled for the 27th of this month.

Well at least we have a schedule. I think knowing is better than the anticipation. Now we can squeeze as much into our last week and a half as we can.

Now that we have a date, I was able to get in touch with Human Resources at my new job. We discussed what was going to happen and all I can say is I am so blessed to be working with such an amazing company. Their willingness and understanding has blown me away. I have been there now for a few months and yet they treat me as one of their own, as if I had been there ten years. All I can say is thanks.

I have been given such a wonderful gift, the gift of Friends and Family. Already the outpouring of love and concern from everyone I know and even people I don't know has been overwhelming. I have been filled with gratitude.

Just the other morning I was reading out of the Book of Mormon, I turned a page and a scripture I had previously underlined and for some reason even put a star next to, brought me much comfort. It is in Alma chapter 36 verse 3, on page 298. I'll let you have the experience of reading it yourselves. It helped me again realize that all will be well.

I thank my Father in Heaven every day for the gift of life and I pray for the strength to not squander it.

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