Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surgery Day

I will try to remember all that has happened since the surgery. I will try to recount how it all happened. Obviously since I was fairly drugged up I don't remember it all but there are bits and pieces I do remember.
The morning of the surgery was one of anxiety and excitement, I wanted to get it all over with but I didn't want to go through with it. We left my in-laws around 5:30 am. On the drive up to the University hospital I started getting more nervous, my bowels weren't feeling very good either. We arrived at the hospital and went up to the third floor to the neuro pre-surgery check in. We spoke to the lady at the desk then sat down in the waiting room.

It was filled with a surprising number of people, for this early in the morning. In groups of about 3 families each the lady called patients in and took them to their prep rooms. These little rooms were barely big enough for a bed and a chair. This is where I got dressed into my flattering gown, or should I say undressed. Little by little people started coming in and giving us the rundown on what would happen. We met with doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, assistants, and nurses. Surprisingly my surgeon was one of the first to come in. He greeted us and said he was confident things would go well. Mom and Dad showed up shortly after and we talked, they let us know of all the prayers being offered for us. One of the assistant surgeons came in and let us know all the doom and gloom that could come from this surgery. For legal reasons they have to. It appeared to be a little hard to take in for Mom. We all knew that we wouldn't have to worry about any of this but the reality was there.

IV's were then started and I was given a dose of "liquid courage" as the Anesthesiologist called it. I Shortly after started to fade. Still conscious to what was going on around me I said my good byes and remember being wheeled out of the tiny room. I remember being wheeled into the OR. I then remember asking the surgeons If I could say a prayer for all of us. I began my prayer and remember asking the Lord to bless the surgeons and myself. My speech was slurred but I was getting it out. I said amen and they put a mask over my nose and mouth.....and that is all I remember.

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  1. Thanks Chad for the update! It's so good to here that things are going okay. We love and miss you, and are inspired by your strength!